Monday, March 16, 2020

Distance Learning

Poly is 47, she is single and her children  have left home. She is very successful in her caree and has a lot of friends but she is not satisfied . She longs to change her life  . She wants to live broad, paint, write poetry but her friends  tell her  she should stop being silly and act her age.

Many people think that for example if a woman is already 30 and has children it means she should stop live her life as she did in the past. No, you should be positive and creative until the end of your life. You have to do more for your career and live your life the way you want. What a life without a risk? If you want to live abroad and paint and write poetry you should do it, because one day you will regret it and say why I didn't do it. You should do it because you want that and that's it. There will always be someone who disagrees with you and you should not give up because of these people and go against your goal. We live once and is it foolish to live the way others want. Never stop enjoying your life no matter how old you are.

Put in the infinitive or the -ing form of the verb in brackets.

1. I was overjoyed to see(see) you at the party. 
2. The nuclear station is not likely to blow up  (blow up) although it may shut down.
3. Janice was sad   to see (see) such poverty when she visited India.
4. It’s possible to work (work) all day without being disturbed.
5. You are free to leave (leave) any time you want to.
6. You should be able to practice singing (sing) every day.
7. Scientists are hoping to discover (discover) a new chemical element.
8. I don’t mind people asking (ask) me questions.
9. He works too slowly to be (be) any use to me.
10. He can ‘t stand waiting (wait) for other people.
11. I guess there is no point to sit (sit) around here any longer.
12. The lemonade was cool enough for us to drink (drink).
13. Please stop interrupting (interrupt) me when I am trying to explain something.
14. I’ve forgotten to buy (buy) flowers for my girlfriend’s birthday.
15. I simply can’t afford to waste (waste) time trying to explain this to you.
16. The thief admitted entering (enter) the house but says he didn’t take anything.
17. I don’t really fancy spending (spend) my holidays in Spain.
18. I apologized to her but she refused to accept (accept) it.
19. He offered to help me to repair (repair) my motorcycle.
20. Why does John keep writing (write) to you?

B: Complete the report by putting the verbs in the correct form, using ing or to.
Swimmer abandons Channel swim
James Forsyth has decided to abandon his second attempt at
swimming  the English Channel after breaking his ankle in a cycling accident. His decision to postpone this attempt came after a two week holiday mountainbikeing  in Majorca with his wife. His first attempt was also unsuccessful and he is unlikely to be  back training for quite a few
months. He said in a recent interview that he had not yet decided whether to try  one more time, but denies losing  total interest in
the project. ‘I aim to raise (raise) money for a local charity’ he explained. He continued by saying that if he could manage  to find  the time, he would do a lot more charity work.

C: Put in the infinitive or ing form of the verbs in brackets.

1. It’s no use crying (cry) over spilt milk.
2. This examination is not worth worrying  (worry) about.
3. After register (register) for the course, please come and see me.
4. I am pleased to announce(announce) the new President of our company.
5. I would like to remind you to bring (bring) some information about our new
6. I would rather to die (die) than live in that place.  would rather do, had better do/  without participle to 
7. He didn’t set out to be  (be) malicious.
8. It never occurred to her  to bring (bring) something with her .
9. I don’t have anything to do (do) but study for my exams.
10. As soon as he had finished changing (change) the baby’s nappy, we went to visit
my mother.

D:Complete the sentences with these verbs.
stay, talk, win, read. smoke. watch. change. lose. go, close
1. Julie suggested going to the movies but I was really tired and decided against it.
2. Would you mind closing the window, please?
3. I like Susan very much but she does tend   to talk  an awful lot.
4. Can someone show me how change the film in this camera?
5. You seem   to  have lost a lot of weight.
6. Everyone wanted him to win the tournament.
7. They don’t allow you talk in this building.
8. She wouldn’t let me read the letter she had written to her aunt.
9. I would advise you  to  stay the night because the roads are treacherous.
10. Child psychologists do not encourage  to watch TV after 9 o’clock at night.

E: Correct the following sentences.
1. Tom suggested me to buy a new laptop computer.
2. Why do you dislike to watch TV with me.
to watch-watching
3. Trying some of this wine. Maybe you will like it.
4. I am looking forward to see you soon.
to see-seeing 
5. He apologised me for the delay.
apologised  to me 
6. Did you have any trouble to get a green card for the States.
to get-getting 
7. It is a waste of time to go to the Psychology lecture.
to go- going 
8. I can’t afford going on holiday.
going-to go
9. Foreigners are not used to drive on the left
to drive- driving 
10. I’m going to Spain learning Spanish.
Learning- to  learn

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