Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ընտրությամբ գործունեություն՝ 6-րդ դասարան

2.  Old Armenia's buildings are very deep, only painted the grey. And the new Armenia's buildings are colorful.  Old Armenia's buildings are cracked and dilapidated. But  new buildings are in good condition.  

1. Once upon a time there was a house. There was a book in the house. There were lots of evil things in that book. A girl wanted to read the book. When she read the book she was afraid, because the book was filled  with evil things. Then mother came and said to  here daughter.
- What are you  reading?
-I am reading a book, but the book is filled with evil things.
Next day the girl was very afraid. In the morning the girl took another book  and read. The book was very nice and interesting and the girl lived happy ever after.​

I can
1. I can write compositions in English. see here

2. I can read English texts. see here
3. I can listen and understand
4. I can make presentations
5. I can make films  1 2 3

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