Second ter

504 words 

About my favorite movie 

I have seen many films but the best film that I really liked is "Wonder".  Maybe it's weird but I like films about bullying. Wonder is a that type of film. It's about a little boy who has a face problem and he gets many bullying from his class-friends but he has a very good family. His family members are trying to give him a lot of love. In the end his class-friends understood that bullying is very bad thing and they understood that everyone is beautiful just the way they are.

My dream house

My dream house should have five or six bedrooms with their bathrooms. I want many bedrooms cause I think I will have a big family and we will have many relatives who will stay overnight. Out of my dream house there is a big yard. Also there would be a pool and a small place for summer evenings.  

About my close friend 

I have known her for about 7-8 years. We met at school. We are getting on well cause we love each other. We have many things in common for example we like dancing. We argue every day I don\t know why but we often argue about everything. We see each other every day, cause we study together. We keep in touch with internet or with calls. We will never loos touch. I think we will stay friends forever cause we are best friends forever.

First term 

New year wishes

I have  chosen  the first photo.

I missed these days our crazy and unforgettable  days. So this is the photo of us, In the photo I am with my best friends, Tom, Emily and Bek. That was my birthday and I had wanted to climb a mountain on my birthday with my best friends. It was so hard to climb but we did it.

Talk show "issues and answers"

Hey! I am Lisa and I have a daughter whom I give a lot of advice and tell her what I think about this or that but I want her that she think the way she wants and form her own opinion of everything. I want her to listen to everyone's opinion but not much care about their opinions and when she has to do something do her own way.

Make up sentences of your our using  Present  Simple/5 sentences/ Past  Simple,/5/  Present Cont/5/, Present perfect

Present simple
 I wake up every day at 7 o'clock
Ploice brings me to police station twice  a year.
I am so agressive.
Yeva and Angelina have a rest in Stepanavan every year.
Sometimes I am tired from 5 star hotels.

Past simple

Yesterday I was late for school.
Last night we were so drunk.
I set up my company in 2003.
My sister was born 2 years ago.
Yestarday we went to Bora Bora Show club with Angelina.

Present continous

We are dancing now
I am visiting my grandparents.
Look! Anoush is speaking English

A time I cheated in a game

Me and my sister were playing cards at home in the evening. I cheated in a game because I can not play cards so good.

My eating habits 

I know that fast food is not healthy but I also eat it,. Fast food is the most easy and tasty food. I often it out and I prefer fast food. I also like salads and I like to cook salads for me, because my family don't like my cooks so I cook only for me. I can make dishes of potato as potato is so easy to cook and so easy to eat. I also like home-made food but the most I like my mom's home-made food.

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