1. What makes you feel the happiest and the most fulfilled?

My mother makes me feel the happiest person in the world. 

2. Talk about a significant event that caused a positive change in you as a person.

When I changed my school that was the great event and changes me as a person. 

3. Describe the coolest projects that you have had so far.

I have done a project where we were exploring Yerevan's hills and I was taking pictures then I posted the pictures in TV Mskh. 

10. What would you change at your school to make it more attractive?

For me our school is very attractive its not like the other schools so I don't want to change anything. 

Have you got any problems in your life? Do you try to solve your problems yourself or do you turn to others for help? What was the last problem you had and how did you solve it?

I have got many problems in my life but anyway I don't pay attention to them and I'm very grateful to God for giving me a life. I try to solve my problems with my mother or with my friends. But the last problem I have had was the camera that I couldn't take pictures because I had forgotten the camera's settings. 

    Folk music and dance classes in our school. The song and dance which I like most of all.

Every country has own folk music and dance. Armenia has it too. I think our folk music is so good and everyone when listens our folk music feels relaxed. I like that folk music and dance are so important in our school. Also we have project which name is "Student is teacher". We teach our folk dances to our junior friends. 

Sport centers in our school. Which sport have you chosen? Why?

There are many sport centers in our school. We have tennis club, volleyball and basketball club, football club, shooting club, fencing club etc. I have chosen tennis because I have liked tennis but I couldn't play. So now I can play tennis. In 2nd semester I have wanted to change my sport but I think tennis was good. So I haven't changed it yet.

My favorite corner in the school. Where do you like to spend your time? Why?

 Tennis hall is my favorite corner in the school because I love tennis and  there are many tennis tables, so I can play tennis there or just sit and think. No, I am not weird that much I just love sitting and thinking about life and does not matter where. So our tennis teacher helps me to play and yes I go forward and do well in it. 

Your school trips. Tell about your last trip or about the trip which you liked most of all.

We go for a lot of  trips in our school. We travel all over the world. The best trip I have ever had was Javakhq. We stayed for 3 days and had a great time there. Javakhq's people were very kind and friendly. We became friends so fast. Javakhq has very beautiful nature. There were many trees. We taught them our folk dances and they taught us theirs. We have had a really good time with our new friends. Sevan was my last trip. We went there with our teachers and friends and the reason that we have gone there was our sport's exam. We ran, did push ups, so we did things that everyone do in their sport's exam. All of my friends have passed that exam, and the next day we came back. 

I admit that you love him
Yesterday the police arrested my friend.
My father committed to finalize his report.  
They were protesting in front of the city hall.
They robbed the shop, because they were so poor.
My phone has been stolen.
Please vote for me, I want to be a president.

“The Interesting World Around Us”

My weekand 

On Fridays I usually  have dinner  after school. Then I play computer games and  do some lessons. In the evening I also  play interesting games. I go to yard and play basketball or another ball game with my best friends. When I return home I do my homework. Saturday is our shopping day. We go to shops to buy products and clothes for us. Sometimes  I go for a walk. When I return home I usually have a time for singing and dancing. On Sundays I clean my room and help my mom to make dinner and we usually have a special one with our family and talk about next week plans. I take a shower, dry my hair and go to bed.

Fill in the correct form verb – All Tenses
1. I saw a great film yesterday. (see)
2. have you ever bought a new car? (you ever buy)
3. I met him last Monday. (meet)
4. The band was playing while I was writing . (play, write)
5. She bought  the new car in 2005. (buy)
6. Her mother has lived Victoria for the past five years. (live)
7. They already had been  in Germany when we arrived a few days ago. (already be)
8.When do you plan to get married? (you plan)
9. I have had so much fun since I was a kid. (have)
10. When I got up I looked  out of the window and saw that it
2as raining  . (look, see, rain)
11. Janet had been working for Smith and Brothers before she came to work for us. (work)
12. I  I have seen three movies so far this week. (see)
13. How long have you been waiting  for me? (you wait)
14. I flew  over Loch Ness last week. – did you see the Loch Ness monster?
(fly, you see)
15. I’m afraid I’m not hungry. I have already eaten  . (already eat)
16. Peter was playing  football in the afternoon when he got the call. (play)
17. “What were u doing 9 and 12 yesterday morning”, the detective said. (you do)
18. He kept looking at her, wondering where he had seen  her before. (see)
19. The doctor’s waiting room was full of people. Some were reading a magazine, a woman
Knitting and a child was playing with a doll. Suddenly the door
Opened and a nurse came out. (read, knit, play, open, come)
20. Travelling has become  much easier and more comfortable in the past hundred years. (become)
21. I have been baking cake. That’s why my hands are full of flour. (bake)
22. When I first came to this house it was  quite a noisy area. (be)
23. He twisted his ankle while he was skiing  . (ski)
24. do you ever lock the doors before you leave the house? (you ever lock)
25. My best friend and  Ihave known  each other for 15 years. (know)
26. Jack usually smokes but he doesn’t smoke when his father comes. (smoke,
not smoke)
27. Have you had breakfast yet? – Yes I had it together with Sue at 7. (you have)
28. I did this kind of work when I was a small boy. (do)
29. He was reading  the paper when his wife came home. (read)
30. He has been speaking  for an hour now. I’ll be finished soon. (speak)
31. How long have you known  John and Maria?- We met the couple over thirteen years ago. (you
32. He had been living  in Oxford for two years and when his mother died he moved to London. (live)
33. After Harry had finished his work he called  Jude from the office. (finish,
34. You have been writing  your homework for two hours. Haven’t you finished yet? (do)
35. He always goes to the supermarket alone, but today he
took his son with him. (go, take)
36. He never works   in the evening, only on Sundays. (work)
37. I have never been to South America but I have been to New York several times. (never, be)
38. Has anyone seen  Jean? – No, she probably went to her friend’s place. (anyone, see)
39. I went to the bank yesterday but when I got there it was closed. (go)
40. She has been  in school all day. (be)
41. Lee has been  late every day since Tuesday. (be)
42. Herbert’s father never forgets  his son’s birthday (never forget)
43. I did not finished my report because I had a problem with my computer. (not finish)

My blog

Blog is an important thing for our school, We work there. we do our homework.we post there our homework. I have many pages in my blog. My blog has many essays that I write and post,  I think it's a great way to show  your voice to the world. I began  to use my blog in 2013, so it means that I have been using it for 5 years. I have changed my blog's design  for many times. If you have a blog, you know that it is easier to work  there and it is easy to use it for school. I like to work with blogs, and I am so happy that in our school we are working with blogs.

 New year
It is nearly January and it means that it is nearly New year. The best thing in the world is to give a present to your friends or your family's members . I like to give a present the most than get a present because that feeling is the most beautiful feeling, when you know that your friend is happy or your family members are happy. New year's night we give each other presents.

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